Are you seeking qualified psychotherapy in English in the Copenhagen area?

Rødovre Terapicenter offers psychotherapy in English with a highly professional psychotherapist specialized in both individual and couples sessions. You will find our place cozy and welcoming and with easy access and free parking spaces.

We handle individual mental problems, or challenges with your romantic relationship or any other relationship: friends, siblings, parents, or colleagues. The way we facilitate the

sessions makes it possible for you to make choices that are the most honest, authentic, and sustainable pathways for you. We facilitate sessions based on the view that you are the expert in your life, you are living your life, and are accountable for the choices you make. Based on our extensive knowledge on how to facilitate sessions and the insight in research in how we as humans get caught in vicious cycles, negative patterns of thoughts and behavior, we can help you to take more accountability for your own healthy choices. The brain, thoughts, emotions, body, and senses all matters in this context.

The psychotherapists in Rødovre Therapy Center are each member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association and are bound by a duty of confidentiality and an ethical set of rules.

Psychotherapy in English?

Meet our therapists who offer individual and couple sessions in English

Birgitte Grønbech MPF
Birgitte Grønbech MPFEFT Couple therapy and EFT psychoterapy
Birgitte works with in the field of the researched based and highly documented Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT). She is member of the Danish and International Center for excellence in EFT and member of the Danish association of professional psychotherapists
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Gertie Amby MPF
Gertie Amby MPFCouple therapy and psychotherapy
Gertie works within the field of bodily and experiential psychoterapy. Whe is member of the Danish Association of Professional Psychoeterapiests. After many years within the area of alcohol treatment, she is focused on the relational and attachment matters in all types of relationships.
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Read more about prices and our approach to therapy below


Per session, DKK

Couple therapy clinique  55 minuttes ………. 1.000,-

Online session 55 minutes 800,-

Online session 75 minutes… 1.100, –

Couple therapy clinique 75 minutes ………… 1,375, –

Courses of 7 session DKK 

7 sessions each 75 minuttes……7.500,-

Intensive couple therapy

Rødovre 2 sessions 3 hours….5.000,-

Blekinge 8 sessions……….12.500,-

Price in Blekinge is incl. catering of four meals and stay

Discounts 25 for individual sessions and 15% for remaining, can be given to students, the unemployed and pensioners

Couples Therapy – why?

Most couples will from time-to-time encounter problems and difficult times. It’s natural and yet important to deal with the conflicts to reset the relationship. Couple therapy is beneficial, if:  

  • you are facing the same ongoing conflicts and vicious communication cycles
  • you are disconnecting and missing intimacy and contact
  • “The spark” amongst you tends to die out
  • you disagree on how to tackle different approaches in raising kids, different cultural backgrounds, religions, etc.
  • you face stress, illness, lack of trust, or infidelity.

Couples therapy is a space where we offer to facilitate you to get more insight into your underlying reasons for the behavior that pulls you apart. You will learn more about how to deal with the ongoing negative cycles and get better ways to handle how your own behavior, perception, and emotions. Couples therapy is also much about understanding that each person has a personal responsibility to handle the patterns and dynamics and nurture love and respect.

Human beings are relational. Most people are seeking or longing for a lifelong partner to share life with. To have a solid love relationship creates a safe base that enables:

  • Each of the two to realize dreams, aspirations, and needs for safety
  • To share good and bad
  • To be a family unit

A lot of research has been conducted under the umbrella of attachment science and emotion-focused theory. Research clearly shows that there are many positive effects of creating a lifelong relationship with a partner you trust:

  • Better physical health
  • A more robust economy
  • And a general better mental wellbeing and personal robustness

In addition, it cultivates emotional and social intelligence to be able to respond to your partner’s changing needs without compromising your own personal integrity.

Our approach to work with couples is described more on our profile pages.


Per Session, DKK

Sessions of 55 minutes 

Single session  ……. 800, –

Online session …….. 600,-

Online session of 30 minutes 350,-

Course (7 sessions)

Course ……………………… .4.800, – (save the price of one session)

Discount at 25% for single sessions and 15% for courses and online sessions can be given to students, unemployed and pensioners

Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance otherwise payment for the price of the session is required

Psychotherapy in clinique and online – read more!

As humans, we sometimes encounter how reactive or irrational we are. Some questions may pop. What is it that makes me get into situations that cause stress, anxiety, violent anger, control, or addictive behaviors? Why do I feel deep powerlessness and feeling of failure? Are there external demands and a bad environment that take my energy? or do I tend to demand too much of myself? Why can I not say “no” when it’s what’s best for me?

In Rødovre Terapicenter, each session becomes a confidential conversation, where your psychotherapist creates a professional framework for the conversation. You get an experience of being relieved, being wiser about yourself. This includes problematic reactions, inner dissatisfaction, the relationship with others, or another theme that bothers you. The main objective is to remove the barriers on the road to more freedom and well-being. Our basic view in Rødovre Therapy Center is that everyone has value, and it is important for us to support that your quality of life is able to blossom.

Online sessions

In Rødovre Therapy Center, we generally have positive experiences with online sessions. Our clients are just as relieved, hopeful and, insightful after an online session as after a regular session. This applies, for example, to the leader, who is very much abroad, where the relationship is challenged; the young foreign traveler who is boxing with anxiety or, the client who has moved far away but would like to continue the sessions with his well-known psychotherapist.

It makes sense to make some initial considerations before deciding on online sessions. First of all, there are some frameworks that need to be present:

Can you sit undisturbed at home or at work?

Are you / I ready to prepare the installation of apps for telephone or prepare a web solution, cf. the link that is sent from Rødovre Terapicenter? (for the first time there is up to 10 minutes of preparation – read here!),

Are you / am I prepared for the technique possibly can tease a little the first time? (Rødovre Therapy Center will of course ensure that the content of the session lasts the agreed time)

Is there a good connection via network or mobile coverage?

This framework ensures an effective online session. For the content itself and the facilitation of the conversation is the most important thing. And we at Rødovre Therapy Center take care of that.

Prices, DKK

Intensive couples therapy including stay and four meals …12.500,- 

Rødovre two slots of three hours sessions… .5.000, –

Discounts 15% can be given to students, the unemployed and pensioners

Intensive couples therapy – why?

Sometimes we have come a long way apart and it can be hard to connect as deep wounds or issues reinforce the gap between us. A normal session of 1.15 minutes is quite rewarding in many cases, but maybe you find that it can be nice to immerse yourself with more time for each other?

Couple-weekend in Blekinge

We can help you with that in Rødovre Therapy Center. Here we have two different offers for you who want to immerse yourself more in the couple conversation than in a single session.

Either you can book a couple-weekend in Blekinge, where we get into the virtue over Saturday and Sunday morning with your couple dynamics, communication, problems and, ways to talk and prioritize each other.

The many couples who have been on a couple-weekend in Blekinge see it both as an evolving experience, but also enjoy being away together and being pampered with good food and having the opportunity to go on walks in the lovely southern Swedish nature.

Two days with three 55-minute sessions in Rødovre, or one day devoted to your relationship.

In our premises in Rødovre, you have the opportunity to take more time to talk and immerse yourself over one or two days. If you choose a day, during the break you can go for walks, go out to eat and relax together. If you choose to divide the six 55-minute sessions over two days, you just have a good time together in the clinic to get to the bottom of the difficulies that have not being handled in the busy home situation.

We handle the COVID risk

It is important to cancel or change to online if you / I have a cold or notice signs of illness. We do the same!

Our general practice:

We regularly spray surfaces in the clinic and you sit on chairs sprinkled with special alcohol for the chairs.

We do not give handshakes as long as the virus resides!

Send us an e-mail!

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